If Your Skin Care Products Are Safe

As research studies linking these dangerous chemicals to serious health and environmental issues continue to emerge – switching to natural beauty productsis the smartest and most effective strategy for maintaining your beautiful complexion and protecting your overall health.

The truth is, however – that many consumers are still unaware of the dangers of common skin care ingredients. Commercial skin care manufacturers do a great job of manipulating the public into thinking that using their chemically-laden products is the only way to look and feel your best. Just because the person promoting those products is wearing a lab coat

A quick stroll through any cosmetics department will reveal aisle after aisle of luxurious and expensive skin care products. It’s very easy to be seduced by the packaging and beautiful displays, especially with all the media hype that many commercial skin care lines receive.

Sure, they look great on the shelves – but have you ever taken the time to read the list of ingredients stretched across the product packaging? No doubt you’ll find most of the chemical ingredients impossible to pronounce.  Often times, you will not find a familiar ingredient until you reach the bottom of the label. That – in and of itself, should be a big red flag that you shouldn’t put that product on your skin.

There are literally hundreds (if not more) of harmful chemicals present in most of the commercial skin care products on the market – certainly too many to mention here. Though virtually all of these chemical substances should be cause for alarm, here’s a peek at some of the top offenders:

When it comes to skin care ingredients, the verdict is in. Decades of compiled research has and will continue to expose more and more dangerous chemicals hidden in commercial skin care products.

The benefits and advantages of using natural skin care remedies are no longer in question. Healthy, beautiful skin at home begins with the decisions you make at the cosmetic counter today. The only logical choice is to trash your chemically-laden skin care regimen and opt for natural beauty products instead.

These chemical ingredients and countless others are said to be ‘harmless’ if given in small doses. That is certainly what the product manufacturers would like you to believe. But how do you quantify what is a safe dosage of a chemical that is applied day after day, year after year?

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